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End user license agreement

Last updated: 29.11.2020

To protect BabyMagica, BabyMagica: Train for Animals, BabyMagica: Puzzles (our “Games”), these end-user license terms set out some rules for downloading and using our Games. This license is a legal agreement between you and us (“GameMagica“ - represented by the author and developer Andrey Fetisov). It describes the terms of use of the Games. If you violate these rules, we may terminate your use of the Games. If we deem it necessary, we can seek help from lawyers.

Using our Games

If you purchase, download, use or play our Games, you agree to be bound by the rules set forth in these terms of the license agreement (“EULA“). If you do not want or cannot agree to these rules, you must not purchase, download, use or play our Games.

When you purchase the Games, you receive licenses that give you permission to install the Games on your devices and use them on these devices, as provided in this License Agreement. This permission has been granted to you personally. It is forbidden to distribute the Games (or any part of them) to any other person. This also means that it is prohibited to sell the Games or rent them, or provide access to them to other people. It is prohibited to transfer or resell any license keys. However, you can give gift promo codes purchased through our official gift promo code system.

Games ownership and content

While under license we grant you permission to install and use the Games on your devices, the Games continue to be ours. We also own our trademarks and any content in the Games. Thus, by paying for the Games, you acquire a license to play / use our Games in accordance with this License Agreement, but do not purchase the Games themselves. All permissions granted to you in relation to the Games and their installation are set forth in this License Agreement. If you have purchased the Games, you cannot manipulate or modify them or make modifications. Redistribution of any Modified Games or Software is prohibited. It is forbidden to copy and distribute art, audio, video resources, as well as the program code of games. However, you can publish gameplay videos and gameplay screenshots on websites and video hosting sites.


While we are not obligated to do so, from time to time we may release updates or fixes (collectively, “updates”). We are also under no obligation to provide ongoing support or service for any Game. Naturally, we hope to continue to release future updates to our Games, we just cannot guarantee that we will. Updates include changes that may not be compatible with other software. This is regrettable, but we are not responsible for this. In this case, try running an older version.

When you receive a copy of our Games, we provide them “as is”. Updates are also provided “as is”. This means that we do not assume any obligation to you regarding the standard or quality of the Games, or that the Games will operate without interruption or error. We are not responsible for any loss or damage they may cause. You assume all risk related to their quality and performance. You must accept the fact that we may be releasing Games long before they are fully completed. In this case, they may (and often will) contain bugs, but we prefer to release them early rather than forcing you to wait until they are perfect. If you would like to notify us of a potential error, we have a web form on the site for this purpose.

Any disputes, including disputes arising from this EULA, our Games or the Website, regardless of conflict of laws principles, are governed by the laws of your country of residence.


If we wish, we may terminate this License Agreement if you violate any of these terms. You can also terminate this License Agreement at any time. All you need to do is remove the Games from your devices and the License Agreement will be terminated. Upon termination of this License Agreement, you will no longer have any rights to the Games granted under this license. However, the clauses “Using our Games”, “Games ownership and content” and “General stuff” will continue to apply after termination of the License Agreement.

General stuff

We may change this EULA from time to time, if we have reason to, such as changes to our games, our practices, or our legal obligation. But those changes will be effective only to the extent that they can legally apply.

If you come to us with a suggestion for any one of our Websites or Games, that suggestion is made for free and we have no obligation to accept or consider it. This means we can use or not use your suggestion in any way we want and we don't have to pay you for it. If you think you have a suggestion that we would be willing to pay you for, please do not submit your suggestion unless you have first told us you expect to be paid and we have responded in writing by asking you to submit the suggestion.