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Released version 1.0.7 the game BabyMagica: Puzzles!

03/09/2021 In this version, we have added a new bonus mini-game "LadyBug and Mazes".

Released version 1.3.2 the game BabyMagica!

09/11/2020 The mini-game "Little Squirrel" we have added two puzzles: the frogs and the spider. We've made some improvements.

Released version 1.2.7 the game BabyMagica!

27/04/2020 We are pleased to present a new updated version of the "Little Squirrel" mini-game! Updates affected absolutely everything: graphics, animations, behavior of characters, sounds. Added more elements and interaction with them.

We working on the update the game "Little squirrel"!

19/06/2019 The update will affect everything: all elements will be redrawn and new ones will be added, all animations will be updated. There will be more entertaining game elements and educational games. Our little players will love it!

Released version 1.2.6 the game BabyMagica!

21/03/2019 The mini-game "Happy Sun" we have added a new themed glasses and hats: rabbit, cat, pigs etc. There is a new Hungry Clouds with legs, which eat up all the prizes!

Game BabyMagica: Puzzles available!

16/02/2019 Our new educational game for children from 2 to 5 years old BabyMagica: Puzzles is available for download in the Google Play store!

Released version 1.2.5 the game BabyMagica!

07/02/2019 This update applies to the mini-game "Happy Sun". Now the level is divided into two topics. Added new animals on the balls: bear, goat, pig, rhino, zebra. Added new vegetables and fruits. And also made various improvements.