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DevBlog, Archive: 2017


Released version 1.1.9 the game BabyMagica!

07/12/2017 We have released a new update of the game BabyMagica. In this version we have improved control of the Train; made new cars departing from the balloons; and also added bubbles to the aircraft. In the mini-game "Happy Sun" added some fruit.

Main Menu new Game

30/11/2017 We are making progress in the development of our New Game for Kids — to collect puzzles and have fun! And here is the Main Menu of the Game.

Released version 1.1.8 the game BabyMagica!

26/10/2017 In this small update, we made the following improvements: added support for screens with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and above. And the color of the smoke of the train can now be changed.

BabyMagica Puzzles coming soon on Google Play!

07/10/2017 We make a new game for young children BabyMagica puzzle.

Released version 1.1.6 the game BabyMagica!

24/07/2017 In this version we made several changes and improvements. Now the game takes less RAM. In the mini-game "Little squirrel" added the sound of blows on wood and the creation of clouds. And now the butterflies jump up and not fall when you touch them. In the mini-game «Train for animals» special animal action will now be triggered not random, and click on the head or basket. In the mini-game «Train for animals» you can activate special actions of animals by clicking on their head or basket.

Bubbles, that blows the monkey, now don't fly off the screen and not burst long.

For the hedgehog we made apples with sounds, you can click on them and play the notes. Bouncing, hedgehog can eat apples.

Released version 1.1.4 the game BabyMagica!

25/04/2017 In the mini-game "Happy Sun" we added new hats, hairstyles and bows.

Released version 1.1.3 the game BabyMagica!

05/04/2017 In this version we have made updates to the mini-game "Happy Sun". Now you can twist the rays of the Sun and change their color. Added 3 new kinds sunglasses, 8 new constellations-puzzles. And other small improvements.

Released version 1.1.2 the game BabyMagica!

21/03/2017 In this small update, we made the following improvements: to the mini-game "Train for Animals" was added a End Station. And also now the color of the Train can be changed.

Released version 1.1.1 the game BabyMagica!

13/03/2017 In the mini-game "Train for Animals" were added new animals: a boar with a bag for nuts (with a mini-game in nuts); crocodile with a ball (with a mini-game in the ball); kangaroo with toy robots. And also new entertainment elements: animals from behind the trees, an animated tractor in the background. And other improvements.

The new animal – a Kangaroo and ... robot?

06/02/2017 In the new version (v 1.1.1) - added a new animal — a Kangaroo with his toy robot. And the robot is able to run, jump and dance.

The new animal - a crocodile with the ball!

18/01/2017 We have added (for v.1.1.1 of the game) a new animal - crocodile. Waiting for the train, you can play ball with a small crocodile.