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DevBlog, Archive: 2018


Released version 1.2.4 the game BabyMagica!

21/12/2018 In the mini-game "Train for Animals" - now toy robots can be put in wagons. And robots have learned to dance!

Released version 1.2.3 the game BabyMagica!

12/12/2018 In the mini-game "Train for Animals" we have added new obstacle: a flock of birds. Various improvements have also been made.

Released version 1.2.2 the game BabyMagica!

05/11/2018 In the mini-game "Train for Animals" there are new characters - Super fast turtles!

BabyMagica: Puzzles! Open beta version 0.0.3!

08/10/2018 Our new BabyMagica toddler puzzle game Is now available for download from the GooglePlay store! Install, play, have fun! Feedback and your children's impressions of the game are very important to us! Write to us!

Released version 1.2.1 the game BabyMagica!

15/06/2018 In the mini-game "Train for Animals" we added new wagons! Hooray!

New types of wagons!

08/06/2018 New types of wagons. Very soon!

Released version 1.2.0 the game BabyMagica!

07/04/2018 In this version, we have made various improvements and fixed minor bugs. In the mini-game «Happy Sun» we added new elements: ball, drums, «hungry clouds», as well as another music track. And in the game «Train for Animals» added a new obstacle on the way and large balloons.