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BabyMagica — 3 games for Kids from 2 years!

About the Game

This is a game with colourful graphics, animated animals and fun children's music. The app includes 3 mini-games: "Little Squirrel", "Happy Sun", "Train for Animals", where the player helps the squirrel to collect nuts and mushrooms, plays with the sun and fluffy clouds and rides on the train for animals.

Features of the app:

• The game is designed for children aged to 5 years.
• The game has simple controls — you only have to use one finger to touch the screen.
• The mini-games do not have a time limit and you don't have a specific objectives or point system, etc.
• The interactivity of the characters, the responsiveness and realism of the game world contributes to the development of a child's imagination and curiosity.
• The game gives the child the opportunity to come up with their story during the game.

Mini-game «Little Squirrel»

"Little Squirrel" - a game for children from 2 years old. You need to help the squirrel collect a collection of forest toys (leaves, cones, twigs, etc.) to creating fun leaf crafts. The realism and responsiveness of the game world will not leave a child indifferent - animals behave like real ones, the forest sounds like a real one (birds sing, insects buzz, leaves rustle)! You can interact with all the elements in the game: play with animals; create clouds; manage rain; grow flowers, mushrooms; burst bubbles, and so on.

Mini-game «Happy Sun»

In the game "Happy Sun" under fervent music it is possible to burst fluffy clouds, finding various prizes, animals; to treat the sun with sweets and fruit, to dress up and think out to it different images; to launch a salute into the night sky and to collect constellations - puzzles.

Mini-game «Train for Animals»

In the game "Train for Animals" it is necessary to transport all animals on stations, eliminating obstacles in way. The train can change colors, hoot in a whistle and start up multi-colored smoke. And with each animal at the station it is possible to play: the hedgehog can gather musical apples; the greyish hare to gnaw carrot and to giggle cheerfully; boar catches acorns in a bag; the elephant to start up confetti and huge spheres; the monkey to blow soap bubbles; the cat to purr; the young fox to dance, the dog to catch a bone, the crocodile to play a ball and so forth.